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Been writing since I was Elementary school, as a way to keep my over active imagination under control. Started writing fan fiction about 16 years ago when my children were toddlers so that I could keep a close eye on … Continue reading

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Reunion Brings New Love

Reunion Brings New Love. this is my NaNo story Taking a deep breath Tara gathered her courage so that she could walk into the reunion for her high school graduating class. It had been 25 years since she had seen … Continue reading

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Holidays Waxing site prompt Fixing the pine garland that was draped over the mantel of the fireplace in the formal parlor Jasmine turned looking over as she looked over the room. With her arm draped across her stomach in a … Continue reading

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Fresh Start, New Love

Fresh Start, New Love by JSassy Chriselda Chapter 1 Looking down into the small Indian Village, Thomas Williams watched the young woman he had been hired to find a few weeks ago. As he lay on the hill overlooking the … Continue reading

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Poems “Friends,” “Purest Love,” “Malice Words” and “My Knight”

Poems “Friends,” “Purest Love,” “Malice Words” and “My Knight” By JSassy Chriselda Friends People cross our, Path in life. We know not why, They do. A few breeze threw, Our lives taking What they want, Leaving behind Bare branches. Like … Continue reading

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The House Unfinished

The House        Sitting on the covered wraparound porch of Darya Gennadi’s 18th century cabin that was purchased just a month ago, the two best friends were talking. Darya looked at Matt who had been her confidant since they were … Continue reading

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new here

I just signed up here. still learning the ropes. Hopeing to post my works here. currently working on finishing my first novel. its only in the first draft phase right now.

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