Fresh Start, New Love

Fresh Start, New Love
by JSassy Chriselda

Chapter 1
Looking down into the small Indian Village, Thomas Williams watched the young woman he had been hired to find a few weeks ago. As he lay on the hill overlooking the village, Thomas knew he just had to have her as his wife. Before he moved down into the village to get the young woman that he was sent after, he had to come up with a way to get her back to his plantation in South Carolina with her brother’s approval.

Laying there, he thought back to before he lost his young wife to the fever many years ago. He hadn’t felt anything except for lust with all the women that came and went from his life since her death, until he saw the young woman down there. It didn’t matter to him that she had spent most her young life with the savages down there; he just had to have her as his wife.

The sound of joyful woman and children floated up to here he laid there watching the village as the hunter party returned to the village. Thomas moved back from the edge of the hill, so that the men that would be standing guard over the village as they welcomed their men home and tended to their kills wouldn’t see him. He watched for a while longer his eyes following the young woman he was sent after. Keeping low, he moved to where his horse stood a few feet away. Mounting up quickly he turned the animal and spurred him back towards the small encampment that he and the man who hired him had set up.

Climbing his horses back and tied the reins to a new by tree. Turning he accepted a cup of steaming coffee from the man that had hired him to find the young woman he now wanted for his own. Taking a sip of the hot liquid, He nodded to the other man. “She’s there alright. But it looks like she is with child and has three others at least.” Thomas said as he sat on his bedroll by the fire.

Wade shook his head as he sat next to the man from the south. “Did she look like she was afraid and hurt?” Pulling out a tintype of him and the young woman when they were both children, he remembered what she was like as a child. Scared of her own shadow most the time and so timid when it came to people she didn’t know coming around the farm.

Sitting back against the log that he laid his hat on, “She looked healthy and happy actually. However, she does look out of place there with her long reddish blond hair. But I doubt she will accepted in the white world if she insists on taking her children with her.”

Sitting back Wade frowned thinking as he stared into the fire. “I can’t let her stay there. If our parents were alive it would kill them to know she is with those savages and gave that one of them children.” Shaking his head, the young man sighed. “I got to do something but I can’t take her home my wife won’t accept her. Dam it.”

Refilling his cup Thomas “I might have a way for you to get her out of there and not have to worry about how your wife will react to having her and those children at your place.” He watched the man that sat across from him as he waited for the man to say something.

Sitting up Wade was interested in what Thomas had in mind. “What do you have in mind? I don’t want her hurt.” He reached for the coffee pot as it sat on one of the rocks that sat around the fire and refilled his cup. Not sure, what this man that sat across from him that have come to be a friend as well as a hired hand to help find his sister.

“Well you know I am a widower. My family back home has been after me to come home and marry again. I would be willing to marry her and take her and the children back home with me. They wouldn’t have to worry about anything they need, my family has money. You wouldn’t have to worry about your wife getting upset.” Setting his cup aside Thomas settled back against his saddle and watched his new friend think about what he had just told him.

Coughing as he spit out the coffee he had just drank Wade wiped his mouth off. “You really mean that Thomas? You would really marry a woman you don’t know. And been with those savages for most her adult life.” Setting his cup down the younger man looked at his friend. “What will your family say about all this?”

Chuckling Thomas sat there with a smile on his face. “They will be happy that I found someone to love and spend my life with. As far as for her not knowing much English anymore, they will just think she is a foreign bride that was widowed out here after something awful happen to her husband, leaving her with three children to support and with one on the way.”

Thinking over what he had just heard. It would solve the problem he was facing. He wasn’t sure he wanted his sister all the way across the country but at least she would have a home and be taken care of. “How do I know she will be treated well and not just forgotten once you get back?” He knew he sounded like he didn’t want to do right by his sister once she was rescued from the Indian village.
Tossing the last little bit of coffee from his cup into the fire Thomas nodded. “I know you only have my word on how I would treat her and her children. However, I assure you that she will be treated like a queen. I have plenty of land her children will have room to play and they will never want for nothing.” He set his cup by the stones that made the fire circle. “All I can ask is that you trust me where she is concerned. I will also come up with a way to get them out of there before the Army comes to rescue the hostages.”

Sighing Wade nodded. “I just don’t want them hurt, they are my family. Even if I don’t know them or don’t like that their father is a savage.” He laid back against his saddle wondering what his parents would think of how his sister turned out having lived almost her whole life with the Indians.
The two men spent the rest of the night deep in thought over the events that had taken place that day. As well as what needed to be done to get the woman and her children out of the village and onto a wagon so they could head to their new life. As they watched the fire dye down and let sleep over take them so they could be well rested for the day that they had ahead of them.

Chapter 2

Waking before sun up Thomas sat up with a smile widening across his face. Quickly climbing to his feet he went to check on the encampment of Indians that was at the bottom of the hill. Laying on his stomach so he could watch the village below where they were encamped. Nodding as he laid there for a few minutes, his knowledge of their language could come in handy in getting her out of there. Sighing as he slid back from the edge of the hill before he stood up and headed back to the camp.

Stoking the fire Thomas smiled at the plan started to come together. Setting the coffee pot on the rock closet to the fire he moved over to his gear and started to get it ready so they could move in when the army does. Whistling as he sat down by the fire to wait for the coffee to be done and clean his gun. He was determined to get the young woman and make her his.

Hearing the Army that was encamped just down the other side of the hill start to move and get ready to move on the village. Thomas tossed a small rock at his employer, “Wake up Wade, The Army is getting ready to move on the village.”

Sitting up Wade rubbed his eyes “I thought we were going to move into the village before the army moved in?” Reaching for his gun and making sure it worked and loaded.

“We were but I think I can talk her out of the village when the Army is doing their thing. I think she will leave to keep her children safe and with her.” The other man said as he poured two cups of coffee and handed on to the other man. “I want her children are just a bounce and worth dealing with as I can have her with me.”

Nodding Wade stood and packed up his bed roll to go join the army before they left to raid the village. “Are you sure you can talk her out of the village with those kids before they get hurt?” asked as he swung the saddle onto his horses back.

Pulling the synch tight on his saddle the taller man nodded, “I think I can I know their language. If she knows her children will be safe and unharmed she might do what any mother will do to make sure they stay that way.”

“I hope your right about her reacting that way Thomas. I haven’t seen her since she was a little girl.” Wade shrugged not sure the plan would work as he mounted up onto his horse. He watched the other man mounted up and the two of them rode over to the Army encampment.

Riding into the encampment Wade looked around for the commanding officer. Turning to the other man as he swung off his mount, “what here while I find the commanding officer and let him know you will go in with them.” He held out the reins of his horse to the man he hired.

Taking the reins Thomas nodded. “Alright, either way I am going to go get her out. That is what you fired me for.” Watching the other man nod before heading to what he thought was the commander’s tent.
Climbing off his horses back Thomas walked both animals over to where they could get some water and rest before they head into the nearby village.

Stopping just outside a tent where a younger man stood by the door at attention. “Excuse me I am looking for the commander of this platoon.”

“Yes sir it is the Commander is inside. What is your business with him sir?” the young private he looked the man in front of him sizing him up making sure he posed no threat to his commanding officer.
Shaking his head with a smile on his face, “my business is my own. May I see him please?” Wade was not letting the Army attitude get to him and stop him from getting his sister out of the village.

“Just one moment sir.” The young private ducked inside the tent. “Sir there is a gentleman here to see you.” He waited for the commander to say something. The Lieutenant always made him nervous.
Lieutenant Reems turned around, “what does he want private?” He waited for the younger to tell him
what the person outside his tent was wanting to see him about.

Licking his lips the private shook his head. “No sir, he said his business is his own sir.” He held his stance till he was told to leave and let the other man in.

Lieutenant Reems nodded. “Send him in Private. Then leave us alone.” He waved the younger man off and returned his salute.

Nodding as he saluted the Lieutenant before performing a snap turn and heading out of the tent. “Lieutenant will see you sir.” He held the tent flap open for the other man.
“Thank you private.” Wade nodded as he entered the tent. “Sir I have family in that village. I have a man with me that knows these people; I hired him to get my sister out of there. I would like him to go in with you Lieutenant.”

“We don’t have time to protect people who aren’t trained to deal with these savages. I’m sorry but you and your man will have to wait here. We will bring your sister out to you.” Lieutenant Reems felt for the man he knew the tragedy this tribe had done in the area over the years, but he couldn’t allow untrained civilian go into that village with them and get hurt.

“Lieutenant my sister has children down there. I want them and her unhurt when they leave there. Can you grantee me they all will be brought back alive and hurt?” Wade wasn’t about to let this Army man tell him he couldn’t send his man into that village to get his sister out of there.

“I’m sorry sir but I said no. you both are more than welcome to wait here for us to return with your sister, but you are not coming with us sir. Now if you would please leave so I can get this planned out and get my men ready to go into that village.” The Lieutenant nodded towards the opening in his tent indicating for the man that was in front of him to leave.

Glaring at the other man Wade left the tent shaking his head. Stopping briefly outside the tent to locate where his friend and hired man was at. Spotting Thomas over by the small water trough that had been set up for the army’s horses to drink from. Wade started making his way through the many privates and sergeants as they mingled around while they waited for orders to move into the village, “The army isn’t going to help us Thomas. We need to get Beth out of there before they move it. I don’t trust that she and the children will be unharmed.”

Thomas frowns. “Figured they wouldn’t but I had hoped they would. “He handed the reins back to the other man. “Let’s go. I have a few things we need to get ready before I go in after them.” He swung up onto his horse and turned to leave the camp the same way they had entered it. He never did like Army men they all had a better then you are way of treating those that weren’t in the Army.

Mounting up onto his horse Wade followed his friend out of the Army camp. So they could get the things that were needed so his sister and her children could be gotten out of the village safely.
As they rode back to their camp site he thought back to when him and Beth were little kids on the farm, and how he uses to tease her that only Indians would want her because of her red hair. He never meant it as being mean just teasing. Now after all these years he hoped she didn’t hold it against him.
Shaking from his thoughts Wade listened to his friends plan on how to get them out of there. “Alright I’ll get a wagon ready, Are you sure this will work Thomas?”

“I know it will.” The older man looked out in the direction of the village running the plan over in his head. Taking in the green trees and the lush green pastures he hated to leave the beauty of this land behind but he knew his plantation back in the low country was just as pretty where is sat along the Ashley and Copper Rivers.

Taking a deep breath Thomas turned to face his friend. “Let’s get this plan together. I want my new bride and children out of there as much as you want them out of there.”

The two men set about getting the wagon ready and the other things they were going to need as well as packing up their camp so they could move out once they have the young woman and her children. Having everything ready the two men moved out to get closer to the village.

Wade stayed back in the trees with the wagon ready to leave the moment everyone was in it. As Thomas snuck towards the village keeping an eye on the lodge that belongs to the woman they were there to rescue.


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