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Fixing the pine garland that was draped over the mantel of the fireplace in the formal parlor Jasmine turned looking over as she looked over the room. With her arm draped across her stomach in a protective manner as she walked around the house, making sure it was ready for the Christmas party her husband was throwing. Stepping into the hall she smiled when she saw her four year old stepdaughter Clara playing on the stairs. “Clara honey you need to go find Pasty so you can be ready when your pa gets home.” Watching the young girl climb the stairs in search of her nurse made her look down expanding stomach with her first child. Rubbing her hand over her stomach she promised herself though her marriage was loveless, she was going to honor herself and be the best wife and mother she can be.

Dawson came out of his office and looked the entry way over, “she out did herself good,” he knew she was a smart woman but was stubborn. Her age was part of the problem, but he had to be patent and teach her, her place in his house as his wife. Seeing her standing by the stairs, he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her slowly expanding waistline. Inhaling the lavender sent she was wearing the older man smiled, “You did a good job my dear, this is going to be the last party we are going to be able to have with the war going on. I heard today at the bank that the Yankees are getting close.” Turning her to face him, he saw her flinch, “shh I’m not going anywhere I want to see this child born. You and Clara are important and need to stay safe, so tomorrow we are moving back into the city where you three will be safer.” Placing his hand on her belly where his child lay safely protected.

Stepping back, he picked up a package off the table that stood near the door for hats to be placed on and handed it to her. “Here go upstairs and change. My wife needs to look like no war is going on.” Turning her towards the stairs, he gave her a gentle nudge to get her going. Watching her climb, the stairs he was glad offered her to him in marriage, knowing he needed a young woman to be the mother of his child. Shaking the thoughts from his head as he returned to his office to finish what he was working on.

Closing the bedroom door behind her Jasmine looked at the package in her hands. Sighing she moved over to the bed and sat down. With shaky hands, she pulled the string that was tied around the package, laying it beside her before she opening the brown paper. Opening the paper, she saw a red dress droping the paper to the floor as she stood letting the dress unfold from her lap. “oh my. Maybe he does have a heart and does care about me.” Changing she couldn’t believe the softness of the satin and how it flowed and showed off that she was large with her first child but still had a elegant look about her.


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a child of God, a mother, wife and a writer, working towards getting my masters degree in Business Admin. working on completing my first novel
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