Poems “Friends,” “Purest Love,” “Malice Words” and “My Knight”

Poems “Friends,” “Purest Love,” “Malice Words” and “My Knight”
By JSassy Chriselda

People cross our,
Path in life.
We know not why,
They do.

A few breeze threw,
Our lives taking
What they want,
Leaving behind
Bare branches.

Like the fall wind,
Takes the leaves
With it as it,
Blows through trees.

Others bring,
Beauty and happiness
To our lives,
For all to see.

Like the gentle,
Spring rains and
Warm temperature,
Bring the beautiful
Bounty of the
Summer flowers,
And birds songs.

Malice Words

Words spoken in malice
Harm those they
Are intended for,

For a while they
Bring the speaker
Joy and happiness.

Their hurt only
Last as long as
The intended
Lets them.

Words linger for
A short time
But actions of
The speaker are
Long lasting

Those who spoke
The malice words
Lose face and
Trust of the one
They intended to hurt.

The actions of
Those who hurt others
Prove they care
Nothing for others
Only for themselves.

Purest Love

Love unfailing
And strong
With no end
No conditions.

A pure cleansing
Unabiding joy
A refreshing feel

A love that
Flows from the blood
Of the innocent lamb
That came to
Bare the burden
Of the worlds sin

For those who
Believe are
Washed clean
By this pure
Love for
All time

My Knight
All my life I dreamed,
A silly little girls dream.
Of a knight in shinning Armor,
One day He showed up.
And much to my surprise,
That knight had been
A childhood friend.

Now I sit in my own home
With that knight
I look around and
See a little girls dream come true
I look across from me an see
My knight and feel his touch
Oh thank you dear Lord for
Making a silly little rich girls
Dream come true


About jsassychriselda

a child of God, a mother, wife and a writer, working towards getting my masters degree in Business Admin. working on completing my first novel
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