Finding A Family Ancestor

     Walking around the well manicured grounds of the large plantation that she was visiting. As she walked the grounds she hoped that the visions she always get when she visits places don’t start, she just wanted to visit places and not have them. Coming up on where the slave quarters were sitting, as she stepped closer she could see the slaves gathered around fires cooking. Children playing simple games of chase laughing and giggling as they did. She could tell that these slaves were healthy, happy and seem to be well cared for. But as quickly as the vision came it left the minute she left the area of the quarters.

Shaking her head the young woman made her way over to the path that lead up to the large man house. Making her way up the main path Sarah looked at the trees and flowers that were planted all along the path. Reaching the steps that lead to the porch she stopped and looked up at the white washed house with its green shutters. A image of how the house looked in its prime came to her, oh to have lived in such luxury must have been so nice she muttered to herself. Climbing the steps a vision suddenly came to her.

&Miss Sarah, Miss Sarah you best come on your pa will be mad if your not ready to greet your guests.& A voice of what had to be a young girl called out to her. &I’m coming’& she called out and quickly climbed the steps to the house feeling the skirts moving around her legs as she climbed the stairs and went into the house.

Hurrying through the entryway to the stairs and started to ascend them to the second floor where the bedroom are. Moving down the wide hallway with paintings along on the wall that showed the house in different stages of being build and the plantations growth over the years, small tables along the hall that held vases of flowers and trinket boxes. It was like she knew everything in the hall like she had grown up with them in the places that they were in.

Opening the door to a room and stepping into it she saw the lace curtains that covered the one window in the room that was across from the hallway door, and the glass doors that lead to the balcony sway in the light breeze that came through them as they sat ajar to let in the smell of the spring flowers from the gardens below. There was a large dresser with carvings on the drawers that stood on the same wall as the rooms only window. There was a large poster bed that sat in the middle of the room with the headboard pushed up against the wall adjacent to the window.

Standing in the doorway the room felt as if it was her room since she was a child but she knew she had never been here before. The vision she was seeing playing like a movie in her head, she watched a young woman that looked just like her move about the room. Moving towards the bed and knelt next to the side of it closest to the door and reached under it. Feeling around under it till she felt something like an opening it. Reaching into the hole with a little effort Sarah was able to feeling around in the hole and grab what felt like a box or something that had been hidden in it and pulled it out.

Sitting up and leaning back against the bed side the young woman held the item she had found close as she waited for the vision that lead her to the find to pass. Sometimes it didn’t take to long for them to pass other times it seem to take forever for them to pass depending on the strength of the vision. Sitting back holding the item close while slowly the room she was seeing started to fade and clear back into the room that it had been restored to. Standing on shaky legs Sarah moved to the door clutching the item to her chest as she moved. Moving at a slow and steady pace she made her way back down the hall towards the stairs in the back of the house. It seem to take forever to reach the back of the house to find another way out.

Finding the backdoor of the house and finally stepping outside and taking a deep breath Sarah felt stronger. Looking around to see if anyone saw her leave with the item she found before making her way across the manicured lawn to the gravel parking lot. Quickly getting into her car and set the wrapped item on the seat next to her, and started the car. Pulling out of the lot and headed the short distance to her hotel. Closing the door to her room behind her and securing it, then made sure the curtains were closed tight before sitting on the bed with her find.

Gently removing the cloth around the item she revealed a dark carved wooden box. Opening the box she carefully pulled out each item that was inside looking them over before setting them beside her on the bed. Setting the box aside she looked over everything that was on the bed. Finally she picked up the locked turning it over in her hand, this time she noticed that part of it was off center like a tiny hinge was broken. As careful as she could she worked the locket open to reveal two small pictures inside, one was of a small child the other was of a young man in some sort of uniform. Turning the open locket over in her hand she noticed that it had something engraved on the back. Moving closer to the bedside table she turned on the light   and tried to read what was written on it, with a little effort she was able to read it, &My Angels Thank God.& Sitting back she knew that saying from somewhere but could not place where she had heard it. After a few minutes it cam to her, &mom’s journal.& Scrambling over to her suitcase and dug out her mother’s journal being careful of the fragile locket that was in her her hand.

Flipping through the pages Sarah soon found the right page with the saying on it. &It’s the sam saying’ but…& Looking back at the locket in her hand and the other items on the bed, her eyes soon settled on the journal &Maybe in there is a reason.& Making sure she was careful she put everything but the journal back into the box and set it on the bedside table. Moving back on the bed and settled against the headboard of the bed, and started to read the journal. Hearing something she looked up and nearly dropped the journal when she saw someone standing at the foot of her bed. It was a young woman dressed in 18th century clothing with her brown hair pulled up into a low bun on the back of her neck with ringlets framing her face, Looking at her she soon realized that this was the woman that she had seen pictures of at the plantation. &Who are you? What do you want?&

The woman smiled at her, &don’t be afraid Sarah that is my journal you reading. I’m Sarah Wisemen your great great great grandmother. I need you help to prove your great great great grandfather was not a traitor, and to restore our family name.&

&But how? Why me I’m no one special? Theres nothing in here so far that tells me any thing like that.& The brunette looked down at the book in her lap, &I’ll keep reading, Help me find what you seek.& For some reason she did not feel afraid of the figure at the foot of the bed, she felt nothing but love and warmth from it.

Moving around the bed to stand beside her, &I will you have a gift. But first you need to rest my child. I’ll be right here keeping watch over you.&

&Maybe your right, it can’t hurt to sleep on it.& Sarah laid the journal on the bedside table next to the box, before settling herself into the bed for the night and drifted into a fitful sleep. After a night of dreams that didn’t make sense to her. Sitting up she looked around to see if she could see the same lady that she had seen last night before going to sleep. Shaking her head as she got up and got ready for the day. &I must have been seeing things last night.& Grabbing the journal and box from the bedside table and sat them on the the small table that sat in front of the rooms only windows, then dug out her notepad and sat it next to everything else before getting a soda from the small refrigerator that was in the room for guests to use.

Opening the curtains she sat down at the table she started to write down the dreams from the night before. Then she tried to match the images in her dreams to places mentioned in the journal and a map of a the planation. Looking at everything she had in front of her frowning sitting back &there’s nothing there, theres not building in that spot so how can anything be there?& Thinking she doesn’t  remember anything on anything she read while at the plantation that mentioned of a building being there. &Okay if your who you say you are help me figure this out.&

&I’m here,& The older lady said as she came to the table where the younger woman sat. &What’s wrong child?& She looked over what her great great great granddaughter had laid out. The area that the younger woman had circled on the map had her leaning closer that was where the kitchen house use to be till it burnt down just before the war started. We had it rebuilt closer to the main house to make it easier for the kitchen people to keep the food warm while they brought it to the table for us.&


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One Response to Finding A Family Ancestor

  1. wendymypooh says:

    Great visualization…helped to make me feel as if I was walking along with Sarah as she traveled around the grounds, seeing, hearing,and smelling the same things she was.


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